DRY AF Drying Towel (LRG-XXL)

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DRY AF Drying Towel (LRG-XXL)

DRY AF Drying Towel

Perfect for those Large to Extra Large vehicles where big surface area is required to be dry without having to change towels or wring out, 4WD’ers will love this! 

The newest hybrid technology incorporated making this drying towel the thirstiest of them all!  
Made in Korea using the finest blends of material & technology 

A blend of Twist Loop & Plush Microfibre making this beast a 900gsm double sided, suede edging, water sucking towel stretching out to 90cms by 73cms you'll be sure to have a super dry car without having to wring out change towels. 
Heck, you'll have room to dry another car with it. 

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