Interior Protect

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Interior Protect



  • 550mL

Smooth As Detailing Interior Protect is the product your interior desires. A creamy liquid conditioning spray that helps keep all your trim pieces safe from UV rays whilst leaving a slick shine that is not greasy and best of all, conditions to keep all surfaces like new.

For vehicles that are older or have a very dry interior apply a few coats over the course of time to build and rejuvenate the interior. It’s safe for leather, vinyl and plastic. For vehicles with a matte finish or want zero shine, use Smooth As Detailing Interior Clean. 


- Shake before use.
- Spray a sufficient amount of Interior Protect onto cloth and apply thinly and evenly throughout area.
- For old or dry interior, a second application may be necessary. 

For best results, apply in shade on cool and clean surface.
Switch nozzle to off­ position when storing.

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