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Paint Protection - Ceramic Coating

At Smooth As Detailing, we only use the best and we believe the Nano4Diamond Ceramic Coating is just that. Carefully hand applied to your vehicle after a thorough paint correction removing all swirls, holograms, paint contamination and scratches.

The Diamond Ceramic Coating is optimal for maintaining a showroom finish on your car as well as making it easier to maintain, quicker to clean and longer to get dirty.


 Superior Ceramic Coating (9H-12H)

 Super Clear Mirror Finish

 Self-Cleaning (water beads off)


 Anti-Corrosion Protection

 Anti-Oxidation Protection

 Up to 10 years Permanent Protection   

 Scratch Resistance

 100% Environmentally Friendly

 Colour Protection from UV Radiation

 Advanced Chemical (Acid) Resistance

 Extreme tolerance in high temperatures (up to 1200°C



  • Price Effective Solutions, mix & match what to coat
  • Long Term Investment
  • Backed by 10 Year Australian Warranty 
  • Backed by all major insurance companies

Paint Protection - Ceramic Coating

From $990.00